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The University of Ashland is a private, nonprofit university located in Ohio, United States, consisting of a 120-acre (0.49 square kilometer) main campus and several satellite campuses throughout Central and Northern Ohio.
The school was founded in 1878 and is affiliated with the Brethren church.
The school has a basic education and social environment based on Jewish and Christian values.
The University of Ashland is a mid-sized regional education university that awards bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.
The school’s mission is to serve all students with educational needs — undergraduate and graduate, traditional and non-traditional, full-time and part-time — by providing a high-quality environment for a variety of educational programs.
The school’s professional fields include business, education, theology, etc.
School education is based on a long-term commitment to Jewish and Christian values and traditions that emphasize the need to care for everyone.

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