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At first, it taught only the then unrefined jazz music.
At first there was only one student, but as jazz changed and evolved, it grew and attracted more and more students interested in modern music.
By the 1950s, Berklee college of Music had added country, blues, and rock music to its curriculum.
In the 1960s, when popular music became popular, Berklee College of Music added popular songwriting courses, allowing music creators to take advantage of advanced technology and studios to record their work.
By the 1990s, music had become an industry with tens of billions of dollars in annual revenue, and Berklee College of Music set up a music business management major, in order to train modern business management talents who understand both music and marketing.
Since then, with the rise of music therapy in the United States, Berklee College of Music has created its own specialty to foster new musical medicine and techniques that may be popular in the next century.
In 2012, the School opened its Spanish campus.
And held a signing ceremony at the Berklee College of Music Performance Center.
The two schools officially merged in June 2016. The merged school is called Berklee Conservatory, which was renamed The Boston Conservatory at Berklee.
After the merger, the two schools will share teaching resources, but remain relatively independent in terms of enrollment and discipline management, so as to give full play to their respective academic advantages in pop music and classical music

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