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Birmingham college of music in 1859 to become Birminghamand Midland research institute subordinate college.In 1886, it became the Birmingham conservatory of music.Sir Granville Bantock became the first dean in 1900 and held the post for 34 years.The first phase of the college at Paradise Circus opened in 1973.As an international music hall, Birmingham Conservatoire is a member of the British music association and the European music association. It maintains close contact with the Birmingham city symphony orchestra and other music institutions.Founded in 1859, it is one of the leading conservatories of music in the United Kingdom, with notable achievements in solo performance, composition, chamber music, orchestral music and jazz.Birmingham school of music is one of the main Birmingham, each big music group music activities, held here every year more than 300 events show, some of them like Pierre boulez, euler mo (Finland radio symphony orchestra chief conductor), such as the world’s top conductor to this show, day of the first group: Berlin philharmonic orchestra chief conductor Simon pull, (the former Birmingham city symphony orchestra chief conductor) has completed its here on behalf of the recording (against Birmingham city symphony orchestra mahler symphony no. 8 and fifth symphony).

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