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Algonquin College, formerly known as Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology, is an English language College of Applied Arts and Technology in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.Algonquin College was founded in 1967 with its main campus in Ottawa.Algonquin College was founded along with the Ontario College system.The mission of Algonquin College is to provide high quality education and training that is relevant to future careers, and therefore accountable to the students and the community in need.The Vatican queens college offers the main professional: car repair, car paint, auto service technology, the core technology of furniture production, commercial vehicles, electrical technology, mechanical technology, tool manufacturing, microelectronics pipe manufacturing, refrigerators air-conditioning cooling technology, truck and bus technology, interior decoration, photonics, e-commerce supply chain management, interactive media design, nursing, senior nursing technology, event management, documentary, geographic information systems, green architecture, script, sports management in enterprises and so on.

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