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The Aslon Institute of Technology is the only higher education institution in central Ireland, established in 1970 and upgraded to polytechnic in 1998.
The main campus of the University is located in Athlon. Most of the colleges and academic institutions are located in the main campus. The north Gate Street branch campus is the location of the School of Art and Design.
The school is divided into four departments: humanities, Business, engineering and science.
It also offers adult education programs.
The university offers courses ranging from pre-university to postgraduate.
Professional school offers more famous, such as business, financial services, accounting, hotel, catering and tourism research, mechanical engineering and machinery and electronics, civil engineering and architecture research, plastic engineering, polymer engineering, computer and software engineering, electronic engineering, biology, chemistry, toxicology, biological science and technology, art design, biology pharmacy, nursing, hotel tourism management etc.
As a unique institution of higher learning in Ireland, Athlone Is one of the few polytechnical institutions recognised by the Higher Education Department of the Irish Government to have the distinction of issuing their own globally recognised diplomas.
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