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Catholic University of Australia (ACU National) is a public university, one of two Catholic universities in Australia.
Catholic University of Australia was established in 1991 as a result of the merger of four colleges with six campuses in three states and the Australian Capital Territory.The university is affiliated with the Commonwealth University Federation and the International Federation of Catholic Universities.
The school is open to students of any religious background.Catholic University of Australia has three faculties: School of Arts and Sciences, School of Education and School of Health Sciences.The university offers a wide range of undergraduate, master and doctoral programs, such as humanities and sociology, marketing, education, religious studies, management, international trade, nursing, social sciences, finance, education, accounting, computer, environmental science, nursing, human evolution, administration, music, etc.It is one of Australia’s leading universities in the fields of education and health sciences (nursing and applied sciences).The university has one of the highest employment rates in Australia.The mission of the University is to produce high-quality graduates with the ability, knowledge and global values of success and leadership.In 2002, the school was accredited by the Australian Institute of University Quality.Australian Catholic University ranked 13th out of 38 Australian universities in the August 2005 ranking by the Ministry of Education, Science and Training.The International status Index of Australian universities, published in 2005 by the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, ranked 35th out of 38 Australian universities.

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