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Boise State University (Boise) is located in Boise, near the capital of The State of Iowa.
The school was founded in 1932 by the Episcopal Church as Boise Junior College.
Two years later, the school became independent and moved to its present location in 1940, along the south bank of the Boise River between Capitol Boulevard and Broadway.
In 1965, it became a four-year university with degree-granting privileges, and in 1969 it was reformed and renamed Boise University.
In 1974, it became the state’s third university, now Boise State University.
Boise state university offers from the technical certification level to PhD level degree, the school is equipped with applied technology institute, academy of art, industrial and commercial financial institute, college of education and the college of engineering, set up professional include: accounting, anthropology, applied mathematics, exercise training, business, economic, biological, chemical, construction management, civil engineering, computer science, early childhood education research, economics, electrical engineering, elementary education, English teaching, geophysics, human resource management, international trade, music education, radiation science, social science, sociology, visual arts, etc.
Boise State University is now moving towards a higher goal, giving more preferential treatment to students and rewarding all sectors of society with its high-quality education, as well as supplying talents for the world.

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