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Douglas College is one of the largest public higher education institutions in Canada. It was founded in 1970 and is located in British Columbia, Canada.
The college is located in an advantageous geographical location, with two campuses close to the airport and shopping malls respectively. The new campus is located in the Gaoguilin area, with a large scale of school buildings and complete teaching facilities.
The old campus, New Westminster, is located near the city center, and its ESL center is located here.
The main professional college are: management accounting, accounting, business, business management, business administration, computer information systems, economics, financial services management, general business, hotel and restaurant management, marketing management, emerging business management, anthropology, criminology, geography, history, humanities, psychology, sociology, political science, biology, chemistry, coach, computer science, environmental science, geology, physics, mathematics, sports, office assistant, legal shorthand, legal secretary, office administrative assistant secretary, financial institutions, medical office assistant, office assistant, office administration assistant, etc.

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