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Emory’s teaching style is characterized by small classes and closer interaction with professors.
Unlike large public schools, which often have 300 to 400 students, 80 percent of Emory’s classes have fewer than 20 students and 95 percent have fewer than 50 students.
Therefore, all professors and students are a close whole, students are familiar with each other, the professor is also very easy to understand their own students in the class, to be both teachers and friends.
In many public universities and the number is more schools in the United States because there are too many students, the professor couldn’t understand the situation of the students, to students after class is hard to find professor one-on-one instruction, but at emory university, due to the high proportion between teachers and students, achieve 1:7, usually in the teacher’s office hour looking for the teacher to ask questions, discuss life and learning problems are without any difficulty.
Taking advantage of the advantage of small classes, Liberal Arts Education has been widely recognized in the United States.
Emory university has a world-class faculty and faculty, and 99 percent of its faculty members hold the highest degree (PhD or above) in the field.
Some Emory students once joked: “Even our PE teacher is an Ivy League doctor!”
The school focuses on interdisciplinary learning and practical solutions across disciplines.
After graduation, graduates can find satisfactory jobs in various fields and start their own career. They can also continue their studies in leading research institutions or professional institutions in the country.
Typical of America’s top private universities, such as Emory, which have small campuses and value small classes, are:
Harvard University, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, The Johns Hopkins University, Brown University, Vanderbilt University, Rice
University, Wake Forest University and others.

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