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Hamlin University has a faculty of arts, a faculty of law, a Faculty of education, a Business school, and a Graduate School of the Humanities.
The College of Arts, The College of Education and the Business School offer undergraduate education.
The Faculty of Arts offers bachelor of Arts degrees in 37 professional fields.
At the same time can provide doctoral education and academic education.
The ratio of students to staff is 13:1.
Of these, 95 percent hold a doctorate or the highest degree in any field of study.
Most of its students come from the top U.S. high schools.
In addition, the school offers financial aid up to $20,000 for first-time students.
The School of Education offers undergraduate degrees in literature and teaching qualifications at all levels, and offers certificates and qualifications in 13 fields.
In addition, the school offers graduate education in education, teaching and second language, as well as a doctorate in education.
The school’s second language program is the largest of its kind in Minnesota and has an international reputation.
The Distance learning Center in Minneapolis offers flexible learning arrangements for students in and out of state.
It is also home to many nationally renowned education centers and programs, including the Global Environmental Education Center, the Second Language Learning Machine Education Center, the Urban Elite Education Center, and the Literacy Center.
The Business School’s undergraduate education program is a 4 year degree program that provides students with a competitive degree for future employment.
The school’s students are internationalized and come from all over the world.
Cross-cultural communication and integration enables students to think from a more open perspective while studying here.
In addition to learning traditional management, students learn how to be successful leaders.
The college offers bachelor of Arts degrees in business administration and Bachelor of Arts degrees in finance, business, international business, management and marketing.
Master’s degrees include master of Business Administration, Master of Nonprofit Management, Master of Public Administration, and Master of dual Management.

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