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Judson College is a four-year undergraduate comprehensive university. Founded in 1838, it is one of the oldest women’s colleges in the United States.
The school, located in Marion, Alabama, has 322 students.
Judson college offers undergraduate degree and associate degree degree, professional set up extensive, there are: main professional finance and economics, education, language, science, social sciences, biology, sports science, humanities, arts, history, psychology, linguistics, mathematics, music, politics, religion, drama, sports training and research of commercial economy, communication, performance, accounting, art, French, Spanish, religious studies, etc.;
Judson also offers preparatory courses in related fields, including: pre-accounting, pre-dentistry, pre-engineering, pre-law, pre-medicine, occupational therapy, pre-pharmacy, pre-physiotherapy, pre-seminary and pre-veterinary.
In addition, Judd College offers online courses to facilitate students’ independent study.

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