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London South Bank University is an outstanding British institution of higher learning.
Founded in 1892, the school is located in the heart of London, England, along the beautiful River Thames. It has a history of providing high-quality education for all types of students for over a hundred years.
The expansion of recent years has made South Bank one of the largest universities in London.
The school prides itself on first-class teaching and an expanding research programme.
London south bank university is equipped with four college: business, computer and information management institute, institute of technology, and building environment institute, institute of the arts and humanities, institute of health and social services, provide undergraduate bachelor’s degree, graduate master’s degree and doctorate in research, some professional students graduate not only get the diploma, still can obtain corresponding professional qualification certificate.
Accounting graduates are exempt from 9 ACCA exam papers.
The curriculum and teaching of Southbank University focus on practicality, and many of the courses have strong professional advantages and close links with industry and other industries.
The school’s teaching methods attach great importance to giving play to students’ creativity and cultivate students with strong practical ability. Combined with the international demand for popular majors, students have a wide range of avenues for further study or direct employment.

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