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Melbourne Institute of Technology, formerly known as North Melbourne Institute of Technology and Continuing Education, was founded in 1988 after the merger of Preston Advanced Institute of Technology and Collingwood Advanced Institute of Technology. In 2014, it was changed to its current name.
The Melbourne Institute of Technology is committed to meeting the educational needs of the North Melbourne region.The college provides the most comprehensive service for students who want to achieve a better life through education.At the same time, the school encourages students to create innovations and think independently.School is equipped with many specialized subject, undergraduate and vocational training professional certification, including accounting, international business, international business management, writing and publication, education, engineering design, hairdressing, construction, woodworking, business, cooking, seafood industry, food processing, switchgear and control equipment, gardening, jewelry manufacturing, hotel management, viticulture and winemaking, Australian pop music, etc.Mmit graduates are active in various industries such as service, culture and education, transportation, finance and production and sales.

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