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Formerly Known as Mount Royal College, Mount Royal University is a Canadian public university founded in 1910 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Mount Royal University is one of the oldest universities in Alberta, Canada.
Innovative, proactive and student-centred, Mount Royal Offers a wide range of programmes, mainly applied bachelor’s degree, collaborative degree, diploma, transfer credits and certificate programmes.
The school also offers language courses for students from non-English-speaking countries.
Mount royal university professional mainly include: anthropology, English, history, policy research, psychology, sociology, Spanish, criminal justice, accounting, general management, human resources, marketing, information design, journalism, public relations, business management and insurance, child and youth care consultants, computer information system, disability studies, computer information systems and business, ecological tourism and outdoor leadership, financial services, interior design, international business and supply chain management, justice studies, drama, music performance, social work, exercise therapy, Canadian nursing, etc.

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