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Ohio University is located in Ohio, USA. Founded in 1804, Ohio University has a history of nearly 200 years. It is the first university in Ohio and the first academic institution of higher education established in the old Northwest Region of the United States.
Ohio University is composed of the School of Humanities, School of Business Administration, School of Education, School of Fine Arts, School of Health and Human Services, School of Medicine, etc.
We offer undergraduate, master and doctor programs.
Undergraduate programs include accounting, anthropology, Biology, business management, business economics, Chemistry, civil engineering, Classics, Communication Studies, computer Science, criminal justice, dance, French, Film, International trade, information and Telecommunications Systems, etc.
Masters in Applied Economics, Art history, biological Science, composition, consulting services, educational management, early childhood education film production, history, journalism, neuroscience, nurse management, and so on.
Ph. D. programs include audiology, biological sciences, chemistry, civil engineering, clinical psychology, counseling education, English and English literature, environmental and plant biology, history, and more.
Ohio University is one of the top public schools in the country, according to an American publication.

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