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Ryerson University is a public university in Canada.
The university, formerly the Ryerson Institute of Technology, was founded in 1948 and recognized by the Ontario Government and the Canadian Association of Colleges and Universities in 1971 as a degree-awarding college.
The university was upgraded to university status by the Ontario Government in 1993 and officially renamed Ryerson University in 2002.
Ryerson university MBA professional, at the same time opened the following programs: aerospace engineering, building science, application of art and contemporary art, biology, biomedical engineering, enterprise management, chemical engineering, chemistry, children and youth services, civil engineering, surveying and mapping, engineering, computer engineering, international economic and financial management, journalism, literature modernity, mechanical engineering, media production and molecular science, nursing, photographic preservation and collection management, policy research, psychology, public policy and administration, social work, spatial analysis, such as urban development.

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