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The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), founded in 1963, is the largest university in Hong Kong. It is a research-oriented comprehensive university.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong has nine faculties: Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, Social Sciences and Graduate School.
The top eight schools mainly offer undergraduate education:
Anthropology, Chinese Language and Literature, Cultural Studies, English, Art, History, Japanese Studies, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology, Translation, BBA – LLD, Global Business, Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Economics and Finance, Hotel and Tourism Management, Insurance,
Finance and actuarial science, business administration, finance and risk management measures, science, international trade, Chinese companies, professional accounting, measurement of finance, general education, sports science, Chinese language education, English language study and English language education, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, electronic engineering, information engineering, mechanical and automation engineering, systems engineering and engineering management, engineering and business administration, engineering, law, medicine, science, mathematics and information inside and outside the general medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, biochemistry, biology, cell and molecular biology, chemistry
, traditional Chinese medicine, environmental science, food and nutrition science, measurement of finance and risk management science, mathematics, molecular biology technology, physics, risk management science, statistics, mathematics and information engineering, architecture, economics, geography and resource management, political and administrative science, journalism and communication studies, psychology, social work, sociology.
Graduate schools offer a variety of master’s and doctoral programs.




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