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Founded in 1878, the University of Montreal is a comprehensive university and the largest french-language university in the world.
It has 13 schools and 2 campuses: The Montreal School of Engineering and the Montreal School of Business (H.E.C.);
There is a medical school ranked the second in Canada, which has a comprehensive set of medical specialties. The students who graduate here are the first in Canada certified by the Canadian Medical Board.
It has the largest legal research center in Canada.
Courtyard architecture is the leading major in Canada.
The University of Montreal is famous for its history, film studies, comparative literature, computer science, Chemistry and Physics, museum studies and interactive media.
The University has bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees and offers a variety of majors, such as applied Science, literature, education, health science, human Resource Science, literature and Science, management, landscape design, music studies, criminology, theology, etc.

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