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The Sorbonne, also known as the Bondeon-Sorbonne, is the successor to the Sorbonne and the Paris School of Law and Economics.
The Economics and Management Department of The University of Paris I consists of three teaching and research units (UFR) : economics, management and mathematics and computer information.
The Department of Human Sciences is a collection of teaching and research units in history, geography, philosophy, art history and archaeology, plastic arts and art sciences.The Department of Law and Political Science includes institutions such as law, administration and public sector, business law, European and international studies, political Science and Labour and social Studies, economic and social management and social Law.
The scientific research of The University of Paris I not only inherits the excellent tradition inherited from the famous history, but also keeps innovating in the research subject and method.The Magnificent Sorbonne library, with nearly 3 million volumes, is the jewel of one of France’s largest resource centres, which is managed by the University of Paris I.Like its predecessor, The Paris Law School, the University is both loyal to the international tradition and concerned with the evolution of The Times, and has important contacts with all the famous universities on the five continents of the world.
The school is committed to working with the economic community and has developed a fruitful network of relationships with various actors in the public and private sectors.

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