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The University of Versailles is a comprehensive university founded in 1991.
Major: Human and Social Science Teaching and Research Unit (UFR);Teaching and Research Unit of Science (UFR);Faculty of Law and Political Science;
School of medicine;College of Technology, University of Arts and Sciences;2 University Technical Colleges (IUT);A college of engineers.
University advantages: The University of Versailles has a language learning research center, partly responsible for the teaching of foreign language and French courses, and is a member of the Southern European University Center in Paris.In addition, the University of Versailles is a member of the Association of French-speaking Universities (AUF), EduFrance and the Association of European Universities (EUA).
Schools have been granted early entry into the Bologna process, a new baccalaureate-master-doctor system.
Location: Near the French capital, the University has nine campuses in the cities of Saint-Quentin, VElizy, Versailles, Garches and Rambouillet.

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