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The University of Bonn is a comprehensive university located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
The school was founded in 1818 and opened in the same year. Its early predecessor was the National University founded by Kaiser Wilhelm III to train more talents for the Prussian kingdom.The university of Bonn is located in the former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. This city was nicknamed “the town capital” by local people. After the unification of Germany and the relocation to Berlin, it became one of the real university towns.
Bonn university in recent years, the strong international role, especially in the traditional university rankings in the field of ideology, the school has been occupied, and the university professor of Chinese language and literature at the famous Sinologist cubin Mr Sharp criticism of the contemporary Chinese writer, also make the Bonn university become a generally known as well-known German public university of China.
The university of Bonn is now established with the following large and comprehensive departments: The Department of Theology and Gospel Theory, the Department of Protestant Catholic Theory, the Department of National Economy Integration, the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Department of Philosophy and Conscious Thought, the Department of Law and state Key Sciences, the Department of Medicine and clinical Sciences.



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