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The university is committed to providing a supportive and caring learning environment for undergraduate students during their undergraduate studies, and offers a single honours degree course and an associate honours degree course with a major emphasis on traditional academic areas or a particular career path.
At the end of a two-year undergraduate course, students can earn the High National Diploma, the HND, which focuses on highly selective careers.
Generally speaking, these courses are “top-up” courses, and students can earn an honorary degree after another year of study.
Other skills valued by employers, such as presentation, interpersonal relationships and teamwork, are also included in undergraduate programmes.In 2015, the guardian ranked 44th and The Times ranked 56th.Business school of the university of northampton ranked 8th among 123 business schools in the UK.convenient and efficient student application service: the representative office in China can process the student application, issue the letter of admission and guide the student visa.

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