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The University of Victoria is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Founded in 1916, the school is one of Australia’s leading universities.
The atmosphere of the school is very modern. There are 6 modern campuses in downtown Melbourne and the northern area, equipped with modern teaching facilities such as networked computer rooms, laboratories, libraries and information centers.
The school is one of only four dual-education institutions in Australia that combine academic research and professional skills.
Victoria University of Technology (USTC) offers four major disciplines: arts, science, business and human resources.
In recent years, the university has recognized the importance of learning from advanced international teaching experience, and established inter-university contacts with more than 60 universities in several countries, including Asia, Europe, the United States and Canada.
The school offers admission opportunities to students from different countries and cultural backgrounds.
Victoria university major courses include: business, electronics, electrical technology, environmental management, health science, food science and technology, social sciences, Australian culture research, the asia-pacific cultural studies, mass communication, information science, accounting, banking and finance, business management, hotel management, economics, international trade, marketing, management, architecture, civil engineering, computer science, technology, engineering and business, education, nursing, physical, biological, chemical and biochemical technology, mathematics, physics, and so on.


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