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Washington State University is a four-year public university. Founded in 1890, Washington State University is an institution of higher learning with a long history.
Since its establishment, the University has trained many famous scholars and leaders to make outstanding contributions to the society.
The university’s principal campus is in Pullman, in eastern Washington state. It has campuses in Spokane, Three Cities, and Vancouver, and learning centers throughout Washington State.
Washington State University has eight schools of science, business economics, engineering and construction, agriculture and home Economics, education, Pharmacy, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine.
Washington State University offers bachelor’s, master’s and Doctor’s degrees in a wide range of disciplines, including:
American studies, anthropology, applied economics, communications, criminal justice, education, English, foreign language and culture, history, human development, interior design, music, philosophy, political science, sociology, speech and hearing science, agriculture, animal science, architecture, biology and agricultural engineering, biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, computer science, crop science, electronic engineering, engineering, environmental engineering, environmental science, sports training, food science, geology, horticulture, etc.
Washington State University is rated by US News & World Report as a third-level national university and ranked 98th in the Academic Reputation Ranking.

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