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Duke University, formerly Trinity College, is a private research university founded in 1838.
In 2013-14 US News & World Report ranked Duke 7th in the country, tied with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania.Duke university’s library is the third largest library in the country, behind Harvard and Yale.
Unlike other top academic universities, Duke university is famous for its sports, especially basketball, and is one of the best basketball schools in the United States.Coach K, the senior coach of the men’s basketball team, was also hired as the head coach of the United States because of his outstanding record in the NCAA.Duke university can be awarded bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree, professional set up extensive, there are: main professional art history, biology, biomedical engineering, biophysics, Canadian studies, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, classical civilization, cultural anthropology, economics, English, environmental engineering, evolutionary anthropology, the French study, global culture, global health, history, international comparison study, Italy, linguistics, mathematics, music, neuroscience, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, public policy research, sociology research, visual art, women’s studies, drama and so on.
Duke University is one of the best universities in the United States and the best private university in the South.
Compared with the IVY League in the United States: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Although the history of Duke University is relatively short, but in terms of academic standards and other aspects can compete with the IVY League.
The School of Medicine, Fuqua Business School and The School of Law are the three most famous schools at Duke university.

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