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According to the official website of the university in April 2015, the university has three teaching centers (Teaching and Learning Development Center, English exchange and teaching Center, and Academy of Systems Sciences).In addition, the teaching language of NATIONAL University of Singapore is English and adopts the General education of British and American style. In the first year, students are assigned to each school to receive the basic education of public courses. After the second year, students are divided into majors according to their hobbies and specialties.The credit system and tender course selection system are adopted to guide the course selection according to students’ interests.The British 5-point system and the honours system are used to award undergraduate degrees at different levels according to the comprehensive Cumulative points (CAP).In addition to engineering, medical and other few professional, generally for three years of undergraduate education, excellent scores can be added to read one year to receive an honorary degree, bachelor’s degree is divided into a first-class honor, private first class honor, honor of second-class second class, third class honour, to pass the exam, etc., schools encourage students to participate in the undergraduate course grade three internship or student exchange program, lays the foundation for later obtain employment or further study.Graduate and doctoral students usually have two supervisors, one in the department, one in a related research institute or even in a private enterprise.In addition to study and research, students are encouraged to take part in various extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, volunteers, interest groups, etc.In Singapore, a good honours degree is often linked to a higher starting salary, and CCA points are used by employers as criteria for recruitment, along with academic performance.where to buy National University of Singapore fake diploma, how to buy National University of Singapore fake degree certificate, buy University of National University of Singapore fake certificate, buy National University of Singapore fake transcript, I want a fake diploma from University of National University of Singapore diploma 



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