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There are preparatory courses, ESL, TOEFL preparatory courses, USI for international students, transfer credits (2+2), four-year undergraduate degree courses and practical Bachelor’s degree (3+1).
Professional more than one hundred and sixty (including (direction) of arts, science, computer science, science, engineering, business, education, management science, physical education, nursing science, social work, practical accounting, international business and supply chain management, practical human services, practical communication of management and professional writing, etc.), at the same time, Albert college campus has Canada’s largest and one of the oldest art academy – international music institute, provides students with all-round choices:
Another unique feature of The McCowen program is the Practical Bachelor degree (3+1), which combines theory with practice for the first 3 years of classroom study and the last 1 year of paid internship, especially for students preparing for career development and immigration in Canada after graduation.
Major: Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting Application;
Bachelor’s Degree in Applied English Writing;
Bachelor’s degree in Applied Human Resource Management.
Transfer credits in addition to the university course, MaiKeWen also with respect to its large number of professional and university of Albert, Albert application of certificate/diploma in humanities college, athabasca university, Augusta university, university of Calgary, university college, kang dia lethbridge university and other universities reached a cooperation, so that the students can then enter further degree study.

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