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Humboldt-universitat Zu Berlin, HU Berlin is a public university in Germany and the oldest university in the capital, Berlin, founded in 1809 by Prussian educational reformer and linguist Wilhelm von Humboldt and his brother Alexander von Humboldt.
It is the first new university and has a very glorious history.Humboldt University of Berlin has 11 departments and departments, which are:
Law institute, college of agriculture and horticulture, mathematical and natural sciences Ⅰ (including physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics and natural sciences Ⅱ (including mathematics, informatics, psychology, geography), school of medicine, philosophy department Ⅰ (including philosophy, history, library and information science, ethnology in Europe), philosophy department Ⅱ (including German literature, German language and culture, the Nordic research institute, English linguistics, linguistics, Slavic Rome), the classical linguistics, philosophy department Ⅲ (including archaeology, Asia and Africa, cultures, painting, music and media arts and science, sociology, interdisciplinary two sex), the philosophy department
Ⅳ (including the quality of education, rehabilitation medicine, sports, education development research), theological seminary, school of economics, etc.
Each school has undergraduate, master, doctor and other specialties.In addition, Humboldt University in Berlin offers pre-German training courses for foreign students.



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