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McGill University, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a famous public university in Canada.
Founded in 1821, McGill University has been the pride of Montreal since its founding.
McGill University’s beautiful campus, with its quaint European architecture and modern buildings, forms a unique landscape in the heart of Montreal.
In Canada, McGill University has a very high reputation for its research level, known as the “Harvard of the North”.
In 2008, McGill was ranked no. 1 in the top tier of universities by McLean magazine.
In The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, McGill University was ranked 12th in the world in 2007, 20th in 2008 and 18th in 2009, and remains Canada’s most recognized top-tier institution in the world.
McGill University has 11 departments and 10 colleges offering more than 300 specialties.
Medicine, literature, law, engineering, natural science and agriculture are the best subjects at McGill University.
The academic research level of McGill University is comparable to ivy League universities in the United States, and many famous scholars around the world are attracted to come here.
McGill has produced many of Canada’s greatest thinkers and scientists, eight of whom have won Nobel Prizes.
It was in McGill that the great physicist Rutherford discovered the structure of atoms and made him famous in Europe and America.
At the same time, McGill University has the most prestigious medical school in Canada and is a dream destination for many students.

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