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The University was founded in 1960 and has an enrollment of about 4,000 students.
Boente Park university ranks among the top universities in the United States in the Northern Tier of American universities published by US News & World Report magazine. Its graduates are widely spread across the country, making their name in the print and broadcast media industries, and many prominent alumni have become business executives, CHIEF executives, etc.
School set up
The University has four schools: arts and Sciences, Business, Media and Music for the Performing Arts, covering more than 80 undergraduate programs in fields ranging from performance and dance to business and engineering.
Boente Park university’s undergraduate dance and musical major ranks among the best in the country.
International students at Boente Park come from 30 countries and enjoy small classes and a global environment.
The university will hold a series of activities for international students, such as welcome party for overseas students, anniversary celebration, international students club, tourism and cultural activities, etc.

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