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The University of Chicago (Chicago) is an American private university specializing in medicine, education, management, and psychology.
Founded in 2001 as an integration of the American School of Occupational Psychology, the University of Sarasota, and the Minnesota Medical School, Arghese University has grown to 19 campuses in 12 states (including Washington, D.C.).
The University of Chicago consists of business school, School of Education, School of Psychology, School of Criminal Justice, and School of Humanities, offering online courses for junior, undergraduate, master and doctoral students.
Al gussie (Chicago) at the university of Chicago, professional set up mainly include: psychology, clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, counseling psychology, community counseling, administrative management organization and leadership, community colleges, education leadership, exercise psychology, health service management, business administration, medical ultrasound diagnosis of atomic absorption spectrometry, oral health, radiation therapy, veterinary technology, dental care, medical laboratory technology and etc.

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