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Bond University, founded in 1987, is Australia’s first private university.
Unlike other Australian universities, Bond University has three terms a year.
Bond University consists of four schools: the School of Business, the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the School of Human and Social Sciences, and the School of Law.Bond university has many bachelor, master and doctor, such as business management, human resources management, e-commerce, international business, finance, information technology, information systems, multimedia, health science, biomedical, behavior management, sports science, film and television, psychology and psychological counseling, mass communication and journalism, law, jurisprudence, business law, international relations, etc.Major strengths include business administration (MBA), accounting, marketing, information technology (IT), law and education.
Bond University is one of the highest rated universities in Australia in the 2008 Excellent University Guide, with a five-star rating on ten key indicators.Bond University degree certificate, Bond University fake diploma ,Americal InterContinental University diploma certificate, Bond University transcript, college postgraduate diploma, university undergraduate diploma, Bond University postgraduate fake diploma,Bond University undergraduate degree,Bond University bachelor degree,Bond University master degree.

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