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Colorado State University is a four-year public university founded in 1870.
Colorado State University was originally a college of agriculture, so the department of agriculture is still very good today. However, the most famous one is veterinary medicine, which is the best in the state.
Other well-received subjects include forestry and business, natural resources, engineering and psychology.
Us News and World Report rated the school as a second-tier national university, ranking it 120th in terms of academics.
American universities ranked 32nd in environmental engineering and environmental health in 2007.
American universities ranked 34th in civil engineering in 2007.
American universities ranked 45th in chemistry in 2007.
Colorado State University offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in a wide range of disciplines, including:
Accounting, computer information system, finance, management, marketing, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering science, art, economics, English, history, language, literature and culture, performing arts, psychology, sociology, political science, sociology, application of computer technology, biology, chemistry, biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, natural science, physics, psychology, zoology, textile and garment, engineering, management, environment, construction, education, science, tourism, agriculture and forestry, arts and humanities, social sciences, journalism and communication, information science, medicine, language,
Natural science, etc.

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