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Eastern Michigan University is an American public university, founded in 1849, located in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Eastern Michigan University has a college of arts and sciences, a school of business, a school of education, a Department of Health and Human Services, a School of Science and Technology, and a graduate school.
The University offers more than 100 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including:
Accounting, actuarial science and economics and administrative management, advertising and sales, and African American studies, anthropology, garments, textiles, and procurement, application technology, area studies, art, art education, art history, art, management, management of aviation technology, aviation technology, bilingual double cultural education, chemistry, children’s literature, classical studies, clinical laboratory science/medical technology, coastal environment, communication, communication technology, computer aided design, construction management, criminology and criminal justice, cytogenetics, dance, nutrition, drama/theater, early childhood education, earth science, finance, foreign languages and bilingual study, French, French companies
Industry, geography, geology, geophysics, German enterprise, German language and literature, etc.
The school also offers online instruction.

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