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Griffith University, established in 1971, is a comprehensive public University in Australia.Griffith University is one of the most advanced, innovative and dynamic universities in Australia.Griffith University has five campuses in a strategic location in Australia’s fastest-growing region, the booming Brisbane, along the Gold Coast Corridor.Griffith University has 46 faculties, including the Faculty of Arts, The Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Engineering and Information, the Faculty of Health, the Faculty of Law, the Queensland School of Music, the Faculty of The Environment, the Faculty of Science, and the Queensland School of Art.Schools offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses, mainly include: accounting, finance, insurance management, international business and economics, hotel management, tourism management, business, law, liberal arts, communication, women’s studies, languages, environmental engineering, management, environmental design, public health, ecological tourism, Marine biology, psychology, hotel management, nursing, health science, physical education, information technology, software, biological medicine, aeronautics, biochemistry, applied linguistics, primary/secondary education, graphic design, art, photography, music, animation, film and television, architecture engineering and so on.The school has advantages in music, hotel management, business and so on.Griffith University is regarded as one of the most innovative universities in Australia.This reputation is built on the university’s commitment to pioneering programs and interdisciplinary research, and its responsiveness to community needs.Griffith University ranks 15th among the 38 universities in Australia.

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