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McMaster University was founded in 1887 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
As a medium-sized university in Canada, McMaster University has become one of the most famous universities in Canada for its unique innovative and realistic ideas.
Its innovative teaching, internationally competitive scholarships and research results are well known.
For years, McMaster University has been ranked as the most innovative and innovative university in Canada.
McMaster’s research capabilities in traditional industries such as energy, materials, manufacturing and machinery are second to none, and in high-tech fields such as digital communications and computer hardware.
The major programs of McMaster University are:
Accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, information systems, production management, chemical, electrical, materials, civil engineering, engineering physics, mechanical, computer, manufacturing, software, medical professional, health science, obstetrics, nursing, occupational therapy/physical therapy, art history, classical literature, comparative literature, drama, English, French studies, music, linguistics, history, Japan, Latin American studies, modern language, women’s studies, philosophy, astrophysics, biology, chemistry, biology, biology and medicine, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geography, geology, geological science and life science, material science, mathematics,
Physics, Mathematics and statistics, healthcare physics, neurocomputing, Psychology, Statistics, Molecular biology and Biotechnology.
School of Social Studies: Anthropology, Economics, Gerontology, Geography, Kinematics, Labor Studies, Political science, psychology, religious Studies, social work, sociology, etc.

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