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Founded in 1802, St. Mary’s University is one of the oldest public universities in Canada established by the Roman Catholic Church. It is an ancient school famous for its English teaching.
For two centuries, St Mary’s has been known for its positive atmosphere and excellent teaching.
St Mary’s University consists of the Faculty of Arts, The Faculty of Business, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Engineering, the Graduate School, and the Center for English As a Foreign Language education.
St Mary’s university of professional accounting, international economic management, marketing, human resource management and industrial relations, management, computer and information systems, computer science and business management, Canadian studies, criminology, history, international development studies, philosophy, women’s studies, economics, finance, and the overall economy research, small business and entrepreneurship, and business, geology and geography, international development studies, Canadian studies, criminology, history, women’s studies, philosophy, astronomy, etc.
St. Mary’s consistently ranks in the top five in McLean’s nationwide rankings of Canadian universities in terms of “Leaders of Tomorrow,” “Overall” and “most creative.”

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