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The University of Lethbridge (also known as U of L) is a Canadian public university located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and founded in 1967.
The university has been ranked among the top 10 undergraduate universities by Authoritative Canadian magazine McLean for many years.
The university of Lethbridge is one of the best post-secondary education institutions in Canada. The school focuses on liberal arts education, with selected specialized courses, small class sizes and student participation in research projects provided by teachers.
In terms of master’s education, the school is very successful in arts, science, education and management.
Schools have excellent teachers team, from alberta and the federal budget is one of the most in Canada with the size of school, school of humanities and social science, education and management of scholars has maintained the publication of the high rate, in this regard, school teacher received a lot of research and teaching awards and recognition.

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