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Founded in 1841 and located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Queen’s University is one of Canada’s leading public universities.
Founded in 1841 by Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter as a church-sponsored school, it became a non-church-sponsored school in 1912.
Queen’s University is highly respected by Canadians and is known for its excellent teaching quality.
Queen’s University has state-of-the-art facilities, from the laboratory to the gymnasium, from the library to the student activity centre.
The quality of teaching at Queen’s University is very high. Academically, queen’s University has always maintained a very high standard. Some people call it “The Princeton of Canada”.
Queen’s university offers a wide range of professional, anatomy and cell biology, protection of the art, art history, biology, chemistry, biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, civil engineering, classical, cultural studies, computational science and engineering, computer, economy, education, electrical and computer engineering, English, the environment, epidemiology, the French study, gender studies, geography, geography, engineering, geological science and engineering, German, global research and development, history, industrial relations, etc.

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