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St. Lawrence College, formerly known as St. Lawrence College of Applied Arts and Technology, is a community college in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
St. Lawrence has three campuses in Brockville (1970), Cornwall (1968) and Kingston (1969).
St. Lawrence College was founded along with the Ontario College system on May 21, 1965.
St Lawrence has about 6, 000 full-time and 20, 000 part-time students.
St. Lawrence college of applied arts and technology set up professional include: art, science, French, Spanish, communication, free creation, accounting, administrative assistant, adult education, books management, business management, payroll management, computer management, human resource management, law clerks, office management, etc.
The employment rate ranked first in 2013:90.5%, second in 2014:88.2%, and top three in Ontario for successive years
St Lawrence college has close links with the business community and local employers, and many internships and job opportunities are obtained through the introduction of alumni
Small class teaching with an average of 25 students per class, strong student and professor interaction to ensure the quality of student learning
The proportion of international students is 3%, which helps students to provide English quickly, truly appreciate Canadian culture, and rapidly improve their international vision
The school provides international student service, local teacher service, career guidance and training, etc., so that students’ problems and problems can be solved and they feel more cared for
Living in Kingston, Brockville and Cornwall is far less expensive than living in other big cities
St. Lawrence College has transfer credit agreements with many universities, such as Queen’s University, University of Western Ontario, Lawrenson University, University of Ottawa, Royal Road University, New York University, etc., after graduation, you can continue your university study

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