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The Commonwealth University of Australia (FedUni) was born out of the merger of the University of Ballarat and Monash University’s Gippsland campus in 2013, with the University name officially opened on 1 January 2014.Commonwealth University was formerly known as the University of Ballarat, located in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.The university was founded in 1994 and is a member of the Commonwealth University Association.In a 2005 Australian Department of Education ranking of 39 universities, The University of Ballarat ranked first in terms of starting salary, second in terms of student satisfaction with the programme, third in terms of teaching quality and fifth in terms of overall skills.The newly merged Commonwealth University will be the only regional public university in Victoria to offer both higher education, vocational and technical training programmes and significant research opportunities, as well as hundreds of interdisciplinary courses.Universities in Australia’s federal have more than one campus, including helens campus, SMB campus, campus camp street, jeep beslan, HuoShaM campus, Allah Wright campus, flower campus and so on, its main campus is located in the historic city of Victoria, ballarat city of Victoria and surrounding areas to provide leading institutions of higher education and remote TAFE courses.
Commonwealth University Gippsland has eight colleges offering a wide range of subjects and programmes.There are liberal arts majors in education, nursing and midwifery, medical and biological sciences, veterinary and biological sciences, information technology, science and Engineering, Business and economics, and criminology.Both undergraduate and postgraduate studies programmes are available at THE GIppsland Campus.
Gippsland’s teaching will encourage students to push themselves.

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