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The First University of Lyon, also known as the University of Lyonnais DE Berna, was founded in 1971. Its history can be traced back to the Academy of Natural Sciences, founded in 1808.It is a comprehensive public university of natural sciences, technical sciences and health sciences, and the largest institution of higher learning in Lyon, a large city in the south of France.The University is renowned for its scientific research and has many internationally recognized areas of expertise in the life and health sciences, mathematics, physics, high performance computing, actuarial science and chemistry.
The university has 96 research laboratories officially accredited by the Ministry of National Education, two-thirds of which work in partnership with CNRS, INSERM, INRA and other research institutions.The First University of Lyon has always pursued an open international exchange policy. Part of the school’s budget is devoted to promoting international exchanges between its faculty and students. Students have the opportunity to go abroad for education for a period of time, and the number of students going abroad for exchange increases every year.
The school attaches great importance to the development and cultivation of students’ personal interests, encourages students to participate in cultural groups and activities, and shows the elegant demeanor of college students. Various kinds of colorful club activities have become a unique scenery of the school.

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