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The University of Altuva, established by decree of 7 November 1991, is a multi-campus complex consisting of five campuses: Arras, Bethune, Douai and Lens/LiEvin.Each campus have specialize in, among them, Alastair main campus main opening humanities and social science, literature, art and language subjects, Betty, main technical economics and management science, the second industry and the applied science, douai, mainly open law and political science, longs, mainly to open the third industry university institute of technology (IUT), columns, evan, main sports science and technology.
The University of Altuva has 22 research centres at its campuses, among which 3 are official partners of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and 13 are cooperative reception research groups.In 1994, the University of Artuva decided to establish its own publishing house, Artuva University Press, in order to develop scientific research and promote its achievements.At present, the publishing house has 6 sets of books.
The University of Altuva operates a variety of institutions for students: orientation and Information Service, Employment Service, Social and Cultural Life Service for University Students, and University Sports Activity Service (SUAPS).Each campus has a university library, sports facilities, and student homes;
The Arras and Bettina campuses also have undergraduate apartments.The main objective of the International Relations Section of the University of Altuva is to improve the quality of student development and career integration through the international mobility experience of students.
To this end, the University has developed an intercollegiate network of cooperation with universities in the European Union, central and Eastern European countries, North America (the United States and Canada), China in Asia and Tunisia, Morocco and Cameroon in Africa.
The University of Altuva has been an active partner in eu mega-projects such as Socates, Leonardo da Vinci, Tempus and so on.

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