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The University of North Florida is a public university, founded in 1972, it is a member of the Florida American University system.
The motto of THE University of North Florida is: “There is no student like you. There is no school like here.”
The university of North Florida has an acceptance rate of 64 percent.
Its five colleges offer 52 bachelor’s degrees and 28 master’s degrees, covering a wide range of fields.
The university of North Florida’s largest college, the College of Arts and Sciences, offers programs in art and design, biology, chemistry, physics, communication, criminology, English, history, mathematical statistics, music, psychology, political science, public administration, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, world languages, etc.
The school of Business, one of the founding colleges of the University, offers the following majors: accounting, economics, finance, financial services, international business, management, marketing and transportation, logistics, etc.
The School of Computer and Mechanical Architecture consists of three major categories: computer, mechanical and building management.
The School of Health offers nursing specialties, diet and nutrition specialties, health sciences, public health, health management, rehabilitation consulting sciences, etc.
The School of Education and the Humanities offers programs in education as well as a variety of teacher certification programs.
In the Princeton Review’s 2006 and 2009 rankings of the nation’s most valuable universities, the University of North Florida ranked fifth.

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