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The University of Saskatchewan, or the University of Saskatchewan for short, is a famous public university in Canada, located in Saskatoon, capital of Saskatchewan on the Great Plains of Central Canada.
Founded in 1907, the school has a history of more than 100 years.
The university of Saskatchewan is renowned both in North America and internationally for its faculty and research capabilities. The University of Saskatchewan ranked 9th among Canadian universities in McLean magazine in 2008.
The University of Saskatchewan is one of the most comprehensive universities in Canada.
The University consists of schools of business, engineering, Agriculture, arts and Sciences, Medicine, Medicine and Nutrition, Dentistry, Law, nursing, exercise and education.
Popular major schools include: introduction to accounting, finance, management, business, marketing, human resource management, technology management, economics, business economics, international studies, regional and urban construction, computer science, mathematics and statistics, biology, electronic engineering, engineering physics, agricultural engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering and biological resources, etc.

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