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The University of Winnipeg is a Public university in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Founded in 1967, the school offers applied courses in the liberal arts, sciences, environmental sciences, biology and chemistry.
In recent years, the University of Winnipeg has paid more and more attention to the development and construction of science, adding physics, chemistry and mathematics academic center.
The University of Winnipeg was ranked ninth in the basic category by the prestigious Canadian magazine McLean in 2008.
Winnipeg university professional setting is widespread, mainly include: native autonomy, anthropology, application of computer science, anthropology, biochemistry, biology, biology, psychology, business administration, computer science, dispute settlement studies, criminology, dance, economics, environment, engineering, English, French study, research, history, art history, geography, Germany international health and development research, kinesiology and application, philosophy, physics, psychology, religion, Spanish research and so on.

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