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Vancouver Community College is a public college in Canada.
Vancouver Community College was founded in 1965 as Vancouver City College, comprising four colleges: The Vancouver Vocational Institute, the Vancouver School of the Arts, the Vancouver School of Education, and the Edward Entrance Examination and Continuing Education Centre.
Vancouver Community College is dedicated to serving the community and its students.
It is administered by the Governing Board and the Board of Education.
The influence of Vancouver community College is pervasive, and even partially impinges on the local economic vitality.
The school set up professional include: nursing, administrative assistant, adult education, the Asian culinary arts – study – Chinese cuisine cooking, sign language learning, car repair, car service, baked pastry arts, initial employment education, oral hygiene and oral care, dental technology, the plates technicians, graphic design, drawing the technician, education management, financial management, hair design, fashion and art, heavy machinery worker training, business communication, medical assistant, medical laboratory assistant, music, etc.

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