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Edith Cowan University (ECU) is an Australian comprehensive public university founded in 1991.Edith Cowan University is a member of the Southeast Asian Association for The Study of Higher Studies.Edith Cowan University has four schools: the School of Business Law, including accounting, Finance and Economics, Law and Politics, Business and Public Administration, Marketing, Tourism and Leisure, Perth Business Research Institute (PGSB);
Schools of Computer, Health and Science, including departments of Computer and Information Technology, Engineering, Sports, Biomedical and Health Sciences, Natural Ecology, Nursing, Midwifery and Medical Research, and Psychology and Society;Faculty of Education and Arts, Department of Aboriginal Studies, Department of Communication and Literature, Department of Education, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA);
Regional professional College.Edith Cowan University offers more than 400 programs, including undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, as well as teaching in a variety of fields.The main undergraduate courses offered by the University are: Business, law, computer science, media, engineering, information technology, visual and performing arts, nursing, education, community service, psychology, social science, etc.
The main postgraduate courses offered are: accounting, marketing, media, information technology, computer science, computer networks, international business, business administration, applied linguistics, education and so on.The school offers education, flight education, mass media, business administration, computer science, nursing, performing arts and surfing science and technology, which are unique in Australia.Edith Cowan University is the only university in Western Australia to offer a degree in aeronautics.The Australian University Quality Assurance Agency (AUQA) awarded her 23 awards for research, teaching and student support, including a national model across 12 areas.In a 2007 assessment by Australia’s authoritative Guide to Good Universities, Edyskaven University’s MBA programme was rated five stars for its emphasis on a combination of industry and academics.Edith Cowan University is the only Australian university to receive both awards.In 2004, Edith Cowan University ranked 28th in Australia and is now the second largest “teaching university” in Western Australia.In 2005, the teaching quality ranked 23rd in Australia.The School of Business Law at Edith Cowan University ranks 10th nationally in educational assessments.

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