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Fordham University (Bronx) is a famous private school with a long history.
Fordham University, founded in 1841, has three campuses in and around New York City: the Bronx, Manhattan and West Harrison.
Fordham university also offers collaborative programmes in China and the UK.
Fordham University offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees.
Fordham University has four undergraduate schools and six graduate schools.
The undergraduate schools are: Fordham College, The School of Business Administration, the College of Liberal Arts, and Fordham College at Lincoln Center.
Graduate schools are: The School of Law, the Graduate School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School of Education, the Graduate School of Social Services, the Graduate School of Business Administration, and the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education.
Fordham university ranks 61st in the country, 27th in law and 58th in education.
Fordham Offers a wide variety of courses, including: Accounting, African and American Studies, American Studies, anthropology, art history and music, Biology, Business administration, Economics, Chemistry, Classical language and culture, Communication and media management, computer information Technology, molecular and cellular biology, etc.

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