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Laurenson University was founded in 1960 in Sudbury, Ontario, the largest city in northern Ontario.
Laurenson University has a strong faculty, with international students accounting for 2%.
The ratio of teachers to students with PHDS is as high as 1:14, and it is mainly taught in small classes. Students have more opportunities to discuss learning problems with professors.
Laurenson University is a bilingual university (In English and French) that offers students more opportunities for cultural exchange.
At Laurensen University, which has a relatively small faculty, there are several strong interdisciplinary programs.
With a bachelor’s degree in sports management curriculum, the sports education and business classes together, every year attracts more than 200 applicants competing more than 50 places, is Canada’s unique combination of management, physical education, and business courses, of course also provides eight months internship, can be done for high visibility in the Canadian company.
In addition, the university added a bachelor’s degree in sports psychology in 2003.

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